EnerAir-product_416x300Breathable Sheathing An Airtight Design.
Ener-Air is a breathable rigid polyisocyanurate insulation sheathing with a coated glass fiber facer laminated on the top and bottom side. Ener-Air is designed to be non-structural sheathing for any cavity wall, stud wall or cathedral ceiling construction. It features an air barrier with a high water vapour permeance making for excellent water shedding capabilities.

Specifications & Standards
  • Size: 1.219 m x 2.438 m (4′ x 8′)
  • Standards: ASTM 1289 Type II, Class 2 Grade 1 CAN/ULC S704-03 Type 1, Class 3 ASTM E84 Flame Spread = or< 350 Smoke Density Index = or < 225
    Energy Star – Only in U.S.A.

All values shown are approximate.
Product is designed and tested to comply with ASTM/CSA Standards at time of manufacture prior to packaging.