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Roofing Projects from Europe
Residential Home

Location:  Frankenberg, Germany
Approximate Project Size: 1000 m²
Type of building: Residential
Products used: IKO Cambridge Xpress

Shingles • Dual Black


Location: Belgium

Type of building: Cottage
Products used: IKO Monarch Shingles •

Dual Brown

Armoroof-Europe-Belgium monarch D. Brown.jpg
Armoroof-Europe-Czech Rep hotel piramid - Copy.jpg
Hotel Pyramida

Location: Czech Republic
Type of building: Hotel
Products used: IKO Armourglass

Shingles • Chapel Grey

Wall House

Location: Denmark

Type of building: Residential
Products used: IKO ArmourShield®

PLUS Shingle • Black   

Armoroof-Europe-_Denmark wall house.jpg
Armoroof-Europe-Hungary Biber tile red low res.jpg
dm Store

Location: Hungary
Type of building: Dancing Roofs
Products used: IKO Superglass Shingle • Tile Red

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