Roofing Projects from Mexico
Cola de Lagarto

Location: Atlixco, Puebla
Distributor/Contractor/Owner: Turboroof
Approximate Project Size: 1,000 m²
Type of building: Luxury Residential/Golf Development
Products used: IKO Royal Estate • Shadow Slate | IKO StormShield® | Stormtite® | Hip and Ridge | Leading Edge Plus | Quarrix


Location: Valle de Bravo, Morelos
Distributor/Contractor/Owner: Turboroof
Approximate Project Size: 1,750 m²
Type of building: houses and school
Products used: IKO Cambridge • Dual Black | Leading Edge Plus | Hip & Ridge Plus | Stormtite

Almeria Samsara

Location: Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Distributor/Contractor/Owner: Turboroof / Dicode Construction / Vidusa Concretos Delese S.A. de C.V.
Approximate Project Size: 25 houses of 75m² each apron. 1875 m²
Type of building: Residential/Housing Project
Products used: IKO Cambridge & IKO Marathon Plus AR • National Blue • Dual Brown • Patriot Slate
*Available Only for Export Markets

Villa del Carbón

Location: Villa del Carbón, Estado de México
Distributor/Contractor/Owner: Turboroof
Approximate Project Size: 100 m²
Type of building: Cabins
Products used: IKO Cambridge Shingles • Riviera Red with Leading Edge Plus starter shingles

Santuario Schoenstatt

Location: Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
Distributor/Contractor/Owner: Turboroof/Sergio López
Approximate Project Size: 132 m²
Type of building: Church
Products used: IKO Cambridge • Harvard Slate | Stormtite Felpa Sintética | IKO Marathon • Harvard Slate

Casa tipica

Location: Tampico, Tamaulipas
Distributor/Contractor/Owner: Turboroof
Approximate Project Size: 372 m²
Type of building: Residential
Products used: IKO Cambridge • Riviera Red